Sep. 17th, 2010

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Sep. 17th, 2010 10:40 pm
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RADIOHEAD: "I WILL (LOS ANGELES VERSION)" | Alternative Rock | From Com Lag EP

This is an alternative version of one of the moodier songs on Hail To the Thief that is not only lovely but makes me appreciate the original more. The vocal performance is a tad less subdued, and calls more attention to the lyrics. It has a poetically simple build to it even with the more upbeat rhythms.

BT: "MOVEMENT IN STILL LIFE" | Electronica | From Movement In Still Life

This album was released over ten years ago and I would still name the title track as probably my favorite 'tronica/dance track of all time. Something about the sound is timeless, despite the intentional camp of some sampled noises (Transeau was known to occasionally pull from old-school video games). BT is a hip hop fanatic and was among the first to anticipate the impending marriage of dance with popular music that would more or less throw vocal-less electronica into obscurity, but he proved that you didn't have to put a lot of focus on vocals to bring out the best of other genre influences.

IKUE ASAZAKI: "OBOKURI EEMUI (OBTAIN BEARING)" | Japanese Folk | Artist's Amazon Page

I am one of many who first heard this song when it was gorgeously used during a flashback sequence in the anime Samurai Champloo.

THE PHARCYDE: "PASSIN' ME BY" | Hip Hop | From Bizarre Ride II

I just don't think hip hop gets any fucking better than this, especially not today.


While Jackson was on tour in Russia, he had screaming crowds of fans outside of his hotel, but no one he could really talk to. Despite critical acclaim, no one seems to really play this song anymore, but I really think this ballad was one of the best moments in MJ's career. Think what you will of the man behind the music, but it's hard to deny that he was a very lonely person, and the haunting sentiment of this song conveys his disconnection from others in spades.


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